Paddle across the river under the shade of green trees, the mysterious water source of Wansheng


SDGs 減塑漁網編織袋  Fishing net woven bags instead of plastic bags

水源守護-水質檢測   Water Guardian – Water Quality Testing

木骨架蒙皮舟  Making wooden skeleton skinned boats

地區故事剪紙與彩繪  Paper-cutting and painting present regional history and family stories

划舟課程    Boating Visits to the Community Course

水情資訊課程    Water Information Course

社區小小解說員 Children tell stories about the places to elders

課程目標  Course Targets


  1. Starting from the three parks in the community covered by the tributaries of Jingmei River, connect the community stories, community ecology, and explore the community to irrigate the river water and history with the community elders.
  2. Students gradually explore the community in the course and open up the ability to perceive life.
  3. Through workshops combined with community resources, students can interact with the community at different levels. To understand regional hydrology and environmental issues.
  4. The course combines SDGs United Nations sustainable goals, participates in plastic reduction and environmental protection actions, and creates or improves plastic reduction programs.
  5. Understand the current environmental problems faced by the community through field investigation and discussion. Learn more about water conservation.
  6. The course allows students to think from the ecological environment of the community and discuss solutions together.
  7. Connecting with external resources, Treasure Rock is the outlet of Wansheng Creek, and the thinking thread of old hydrology provides students with another learning perspective.
  8. Learn water regime information collection tools.


2022 9-12月進行的系列課程成果報告