The child builds the child's white wooden house by himself
Build a child's white wooden house

The children recycle the remaining wood and use it to build a wooden house of their own.
This course will also be a demonstration device for international exchanges.
A lesson for children to build wooden houses for ecological conservation.

這堂課在學生創作 「與家人(朋友)共同的房子-愛的小屋」之後

This class is after the students created “House with Family (Friends)-House of Love"
After having a concept of “common space", let students start designing “inhabitable space"
The habitable space allows students to think about the concepts of “space size" and “activity space".
This is a kind of thinking “experience" out of thin air!
Students will think out of thin air what they will experience in the future, implement design courses and make entities.

Students discuss the size and shape of the habitable space
Applying mathematics to the calculation of the entire building construction has a certain degree of difficulty for senior students! But it is also a time for students to truly experience the best example of applying mathematics to life.


We believe that students have the ability to carry out such courses in the upper grades, and the foundation is the "Carpentry Basic Course" starting in the third grade. Students are very familiar with electric drills, various types of hand saws, band saw machines, and jig saws.

Students need to accurately calculate the required wood, and the teacher needs to guide from the side during the calculation. The slope angle of the roof also needs to be accurately calculated.


I often think that if there is no strong support from the teachers and administrators of the school, and can accept such a course in two or three years, without seeking short-term results, there will be no way to really see the abilities of students!


I hope it will be of great help to the students’ sense of achievement in learning! After the course, you can feel that students have great confidence in their abilities! It can be felt that they really believe that something can be done in the right way with hard work! I think this course is a great help to students throughout their learning journey, no matter what they learn

The introductory course “Basic Carpentry Course" needs to be very solid. If students are not familiar with carpentry tools, the production process is very easy to get hurt! This is not an experience course!
This 60-degree angle structure is not too difficult, but there are tricks to connect them.


Every time this course is conducted, students will take the initiative to use the rest time to complete the work. I will always remember that face of joy, and keep saying: Teacher! We think we are so good that we can actually make this house.


correct! At this stage, children can be guided to complete an object or work that is larger than the child's body, and it can give them incomparable motivation in learning! This is the part I most hope to bring to my children.
The students themselves record the entire production process for later publication.
Sometimes it’s still stuck because of the structure and support. At this time, the teacher needs to assist.
Paint is the most fun! Because the smell is too irritating to the nose, we use cement paint!
Students’ learning needs to help them build a bridge of hope through curriculum design; this bridge should let them feel the joy of applying knowledge! Peak experience like this can induce children’s endless learning motivation, which is another invisible axis outside the curriculum.
Student rooms are scattered around the corner of the campus! When class is over, the students are playing in the atrium space, isn’t it great! This is a real creative space for children!

下一步 Next Step

好了!完成後,除了開心分享小朋友的 小屋,接著期待下一步,與其他國家藝術家共創。

All right! After completion, in addition to sharing the children’s hut, I look forward to the next step to create together with artists from other countries.
The International Black Bear Ecological Photography Exhibition will enter the cabin! The works of artists from different countries will tell touching stories about the black bears living in the shelter, and the white house will represent what the children hope to do for these black bears! I believe that these artists who have come from afar can also feel the children's loving action when they see the houses built by children for their works.